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4. Natural Visions Laundry Soap 4x Super Concentrate
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Fresh Res (Hydro Rinse) Resin Cleaner (FKCWFresRes)

Fresh Res (Hydro Rinse) Resin Cleaner

Concentrated Strength - 1 gallon makes 4 gallon. Directions for mixing concentrate:(some call this product Hydro Rinse) Add 1 qt.(32oz) of concentrated strength Fresh Res to gallon jug then add water slowly to make 1 gallon. Add FRESH RES by means of the feeder positioned in the brine tank. Pour FRESH RES into feeder until level is even with fill line located on feeder label. DO NOT OVERFILL Directions for reviving resin bed: For initial treatment of soiled resin bed in automatic water conditioners. Add 24-32oz of FRESH RES (per cubic ft of resin) into the brine tube prior to regeneration. Rinse thoroughly until rinse is free of foaming, color and salt Price includes Shipping & Handling

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