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Natural Visions Multipurpose Cleaner Concentrate

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Each bottle of Natural Visions Resource Cleaner Super Concentrate makes up to 64-32oz Bottles of ready-to-use cleaner. Size: 1 Liter (33.8 oz.) of Super Concentrate.


Natural Visions Multipurpose (Resource) Cleaner

Natural Visions Multipurpose Cleaner is a heavy-duty citrus based cleaner which combines natural ingredients and advanced technology to clean even the toughest jobs. Multipurpose Cleaner is an environmentally sensitive, highly concentrated cleaner and de-greaser that really work. Its special formula uses heavy-duty ingredients to make cleaning even the toughest jobs quick and easy. Just a small amount of the powerful, concentrated formula can be economically custom-diluted for many different uses to get a lot of big jobs done around the house. Because it will effectively clean just about anything dirty, Resource will replace most cleaners, detergents, degreasers and laundry pre-soaks you’re currently using. Uses Include: Surface Cleaner, Laundry Pre-Treatment, De-Greaser, Carpet and Floor Cleaner.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 5.0 x 3.0 x 10.0 in


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